“Three Card Trick” Concerto for French Horn (Grade 8)

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coverA Concerto for French Horn and Orchestra in 3 Movements

– Ace of Spades
– Queen of Hearts
– Jack of Diamonds



– Orchestral score and parts, suitable for good youth orchestras (Grade 6+) featuring full strings, woodwind, brass (optional) and light percussion OR orchestral piano reduction.

– Solo horn part Grade level 8+


“I have always wanted to write a major work for the French Horn, and having played it professionally for most of my working life it seems strange that I haven’t written it before now!

During the last 20 years I have been involved in writing music for young musicians and recently I have had the privilege of coaching several very fine young horn players. This project has been inspired through them.

There is a general lack of new music at this level for the horn and I hope this will help to fill a little gap in the repertoire. I do hope you enjoy the work.” Pam Wedgwood


Orchestral score and parts in digital PDF format: £29.99

Piano reduction and solo part in digital PDF format £9.99

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