“The Weekend Whizz” (Key Stage 1-2)

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Weekend Whizz coverThe Weekend Whizz – a mini musical for key stage Key stage 1-2

A group of young children are left with Mrs. Bell for the weekend when their parents go away. They are taken on a series of magical journeys through wonderful lands…

The Land of Cogs & Wheels
Can you Keep a Secret?
The Land of Senses
The Land of Mini Beasts
The Land of Difficult Spellings

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The Weekend Whizz is written by Pam Wedgwood and is an exciting adventure for all that can be performed in the classroom, assembly or even expanded into a full stage musical.

This magical and musical journey was commissioned by the Farnham festival and performed by 150 children to excellent reviews.

The Land of Cogs and wheels has been featured in the national “Sing-Up” Programme.

Whole performance duration approx. 35 mins.

‘The Weekend Whizz’ comes as a printable 51 page PDF file including script, piano/vocal parts with percussion. Also included is a 1-year performance, copying and video licence.

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The Weekend Whizz
The Weekend Whizz (cover)
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