Rhythm Riffs – for Flexible Beginner Ensembles (Grade 0-1)

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coverA series of fun pieces for beginner ensembles

The perfect introduction to playing groovy rhythms!

Rhythm Riffs by Pam Wedgwood features three versatile
pieces that will work with basically any combination of
ensemble instruments!

Rhythm Riffs includes:

  • Rock About
  • Rhubarb Rhumba
  • Rooster Rag

Written for players of Grade 0-1 standard.

“Having worked in a junior school for a number of years I soon realized that there was a distinct lack of workable ensemble music written for very beginner instrumentalists.

I hope this series of fun pieces will help and inspire young instrumentalists to gain confidence and understanding of groovy rhythmic structures in a pleasurable way. Enjoy!”

Pam Wedgwood

How to start using Rhythm Riffs.

Tips before starting this set of pieces.

  • Try and do some rhythmic pulse work with your group at each session.
  • Play rhythms on a drum or keyboard for them to clap back to you.
  • Introduce question and answer (call and response.)
  • Help your group to understand different time signatures by encouraging them to learn to conduct in 2, 3 and 4 times.
  • Suggest that they conduct the group from time to time!
  • Talk about syncopation and how ragtime influenced the rhythms we are using today.

Before playing each piece;

  • Play through the workouts until each rhythm is thoroughly understood.
  • Then begin each piece slowly at first, then working up to a manageable speed!
  • When the pieces are sounding good arrange a classroom concert or play to parents or school assembly.
  • Encouraging your group to perform in front of others will inspire confidence and a sense of progression.


Score and parts in digital PDF format: £12.99

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