A Music Workshop in Wales!

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By Pam Wedgwood

I have had the good fortune to travel to many places with my work but a recent trip to Wales stands out as one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences.

photo1Tucked away in South Gower there is a little village called Penmaen, a beautiful village in the national park complete with wild ponies. Kate who is a cordon bleu cook runs cookery courses from her beautiful home and also has a keen interest in the piano. I came to meet Kate through a pupil of mine and she decided to have a lesson and participate in one of my adult music evenings here in Surrey. She has persuaded 12 other friends to join her piano club where they meet every 2 months or so. They are people from every walk of life who have resurrected their piano playing skills and now enjoy each others company in the friendly atmosphere of photo2Kate’s home.

The workshop started at 10.30 and everyone played their prepared pieces whilst in-between I offered tips on other aspects of music. Everyone played well and quite a few duets were performed, which always good fun and provides great entertainment!

Everyone was very enthusiastic and made my morning very rewarding. It’s great to see how this group of people can get so much out of their love of music making together. Maybe there are some of you out there who are brave enough to set up your own piano club?!

Pam Wedgwood

PS. I have never tasted such amazing food – I would recommend a visit to Kate’s web site.

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