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Building Bridges – After Hours Book 4

“Building Bridges”

Pam WedgwoodWriting music has been part of my life for the last 30 years and I cannot imagine how life would have been without it.

I have been able to use my writing as a way of dealing with all the ups and downs that life presents and (thank you God!) I continue to do so.

It has kept me humorous, hopefully kept my brain in gear and I am thoroughly enjoying my composing life (although sometimes on a bad day I feel as if I am decomposing!)

I would recommend writing music to anyone out there – have a go at expressing yourself through the power of composition at any level, as it is great therapy.


Charley (and her mum)

Recently, I’ve had to face some health issues and I am currently undergoing a course of radiotherapy for my Lymphoma which rises up every few years or.
Thankfully, in a few days time, a little friend is coming into my life in the form of a puppy. She’s called Charley and I’m so excited!

I know she will also help me to overcome my cancer and the combination of music and puppy will be a wonderful way to go forwards. I am confident that it will be cured very soon and I will be back to normal (whatever that is!)

With all this in mind, I would like to share with you a piece I wrote several years ago when I was going through another difficult health period.
Thanks to the music, I never lost focus and always hoped and prayed that everything would work out – and it did, with more amazing results than I could have possibly hoped for.

Building Bridges from “After Hours 4“ (Faber music) is my musical attempt at putting everything back together again.

If you are facing your own personal challenges at the moment, keep believing and listening!

Music is a Great Healer

I hope you enjoy this track, which is from a great CD called “Light Reflections” by Corinne Marsh who is a wonderful musician. Thank you Corinne. It is available from

More great music on the way!


To all Wedgwood fans around the world – there is more great music on the way!

Coming soon:

  • New wind quintet ‘Evolving’ (with optional percussion and harp parts)
  • New Rhythm Riffs for mixed beginner ensemble and string orchestra
  • ‘Rhythm Riffs Go Up-Beat’
  • ‘Rhythm Riffs Go Latin’

Keep looking on for lots more musical inspiration!

Arabian Youth Orchestra Play ‘The Captain & The Purple Lady’

Captain and Purple Lady coverLast week, the Arabian Youth Orchestra conducted by Peter Currie performed Pam Wedgwood’s orchestral work ‘The Captain & the Purple Lady‘.

Whilst on holiday in Cornwall, Pam spied a wooden bench looking out to the sea with the inscription:

“To the Captain and the Purple Lady. The sun is always over the yardarm”

Perhaps the Captain must have gone down with his boat “The Purple Lady”?

Inspired by this, Pam composed a piece for full orchestra using this title – a journey on the high seas. The piece is written especially for youth orchestras at about grade 6+ level.

The Arabian Youth Orchestra (AYO) offers an exciting opportunity for talented young orchestral musicians from the region who would like to experience playing in an ensemble of the highest calibre.


A Music Workshop in Wales!

By Pam Wedgwood

I have had the good fortune to travel to many places with my work but a recent trip to Wales stands out as one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences.

photo1Tucked away in South Gower there is a little village called Penmaen, a beautiful village in the national park complete with wild ponies. Kate who is a cordon bleu cook runs cookery courses from her beautiful home and also has a keen interest in the piano. I came to meet Kate through a pupil of mine and she decided to have a lesson and participate in one of my adult music evenings here in Surrey. She has persuaded 12 other friends to join her piano club where they meet every 2 months or so. They are people from every walk of life who have resurrected their piano playing skills and now enjoy each others company in the friendly atmosphere of photo2Kate’s home.

The workshop started at 10.30 and everyone played their prepared pieces whilst in-between I offered tips on other aspects of music. Everyone played well and quite a few duets were performed, which always good fun and provides great entertainment!

Everyone was very enthusiastic and made my morning very rewarding. It’s great to see how this group of people can get so much out of their love of music making together. Maybe there are some of you out there who are brave enough to set up your own piano club?!

Pam Wedgwood

PS. I have never tasted such amazing food – I would recommend a visit to Kate’s web site.

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